Why Upgrade To An Auto Performance Cold Air Intake System?

Are thinking of upgrading your vehicle’s air intake system but have doubts about and whether it is well worth the trouble? It is a valid concern especially if you’re new to the aftermarket scene. Many tend to dismiss the significance of cold air intake systems believing that the cash is better invested in more sophisticated and pricey upgrades such as turbochargers, which certainly isn’t the case.

How exactly is this so?

To much better comprehend the significance of a cold air intake performance upgrade, it would be best to start by taking a good look at how it works. While the benefits of cold air intake systems in terms of horsepower gain are not that considerable, a better cold air intake system will go a long way in attaining better engine performance. Hence most reputable online distributors that sell auto performance parts like “Prospeed Racing” almost always recommend starting with a cold air intake upgrade if you want to increase your vehicle’s engine power.

Now automobile engines work by drawing in air and combining it with fuel to produce combustion which in turn produces power. If you have ideal airflow throughout the engine then increasing horsepower is only a matter of introducing more fuel to the mix. Increasing fuel circulation is relatively easy. However, you cannot say the same thing about the existing airflow throughout the engine. A performance cold air intake upgrade is the best thing that you can do if you wish to achieve the latter.

Cold air induction systems work by lowering the temperature level of inbound air streaming towards the engine. Cooler air is denser which suggests that your engine can load more oxygen to the mixture for a more powerful and efficient burn.

Yet another element that makes cold air induction systems such a welcomed addition to any vehicle is the lowered airflow resistance. Notice how the pipes on a cold air consumption kit are all incredibly refined with smooth curves all throughout? Well, such pipes are not just for show; such qualities prevent “turbulence” or  “back flow” which restricts engine performance due to poor air circulation. All these makes it simpler for your engine to attract fresh air towards the cylinders and expel exhaust gases.

Learn more about cold air intake systems and why it is an essential performance upgrade that is well worth considering. Check out websites like http://www.prospeedracing.com.au/categories/intake-cold-air-intakes/ .

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